Remote access to the test results, AI in the cloud

Nukute remote sleep apnea screening and diagnostics solution includes two wireless wearable sensors, a tablet computer and a cloud application. Wearable sensors record biosignals such as breathing, blood oxygen saturation, heart rate and sleeping position to be algorithmically analysed in the cloud. Results are presented to the physician through an intuitive online user interface to confirm the diagnosis.

Neck band records breathing and sleeping position. Pulse oximeter measures the oxygen saturation and heart rate from finger.
Tablet computer is used to collect and transfer the biosignals to the cloud. Tablet application also instructs patient on how to setup the measurement
Sleep physician can view and edit events in the clinic user interface. After review, diagnosis is confirmed and AHI report can be downloaded from the system.

Enabling all clinics to run sleep apnea diagnosis

Sleep apnea is a huge global health problem suffered by almost a billion people. Majority of these people remain undiagnosed today. The Nukute solution enables all clinics to conduct home sleep studies to their patients without needing to employ their own sleep specialists. Remote diagnostics provided by Nukute physician network allow clinics to focus on their patients.

Making our resellers succeed

Nukute selects and trains the best companies in each market to represent our products locally. We enable our partners to not only sell the equipment with a margin but also to provide them recurring revenue through our service-centric business model.

"Simplicity and ease-of-use enable our staff to focus on patients and not worry about explaining and teaching them how to use technology."

Mika Kallio, Chief Physician, Oulu University Hospital

"New innovations are needed to reach the millions of people suffering from sleep apnea in Europe alone. They need to be clinically validated but still patient-centric and easy to use in order to deliver a high impact."

Thomas Penzel, Professor, Center of Sleep Medicine, Charite Hospital

"I have studied the use of tracheal sounds for detecting apnea events extensively. It has great potential to be used as a less invasive method to analyse sleep disordered breathing compared to the traditional methods. It´s great to see Nukute applying this approach."

AbdelKebir Sabil, Ph.D, Cloud Sleep Lab

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