Benefits of our system

Why we exist –

high productivity for the physician, ease of use and comfort for the patient.


The story for our respiratory system monitor stems from wanting to significantly improve the current capabilities and methods of home sleep apnea testing (HSAT).  We went about pursuing this vision by innovating a light-weight auscultative neckband together with a sophisticated user interface to aid the practising physician, combined with unparalleled ease of use and comfort for the patient.

This original vision now constitutes our competitive advantage in the HSAT market.

Our cloud-based solution utilises comfortable and light wearable sensors for recording the essential biosignals and transferring them to the cloud. The cloud-based AI analysis and physician’s user interface Clinic Ui facilitates a speedy and remote diagnosis. Our solution lets the patient sleep soundly, with no wires going across the body or tubes stuck up the nose.

How it works

The carrying case includes a tablet computer that solely runs the Nukute application. The tablet guides the user to setup and wear the sensors properly. Our rugged case can easily be sent via a postal service even to rural areas, with no need of the nursing staff to guide and explain the equipment to the patient beforehand.

An intuitive user interface is provided for the physician to analyse the recorded data, confirm the events suggested by the AI and make the diagnosis. Apnea Hypopnea Index / Respiratory Event Index (AHI / REI) and a PDF report can be saved to the patient records. See the example of the physician user interface (Clinic Ui) and its components.