Benefits of Nukute collare

Ease of use

Nukute Collare is so simple and easy to use that nurses and physicians do not have to use their time to teach the patients how to use the product for home measurement. Both sensors have only one on/off button and the tablet provides a step-by-step instruction to the patient.


Nukute Collare is an order of magnitude more comfortable than traditional equipment that require the patient to wear a chest harness and stick pressure sensors into their nose. As a result, the patient sleeps better and the measurement outcome is more reliable.


Nukute Collare is a cloud-based solution using connected wearable sensors for recording the biosignals and transferring them to the cloud in real time. Algorithmic analysis is ready in minutes after the patient wakes up in the morning for the physician to go through and confirm the diagnosis. Everything can be done remotely supporting modern telemedicine practices.

How it works

Collare carry case includes a tablet  computer that is preinstalled with Nukute application that guides the user on how to setup and wear the sensors. Tablet is also used for transferring the biosignals to the cloud for analysis. See the step-by-step guidance for the patient.

Sleep physician can view and edit events in the clinic user interface. After review, diagnosis is confirmed and AHI report can be downloaded from the system.

An intuitive user interface is provided for the physician to analyse the recorded data, confirm events and conclude the diagnosis. Apnea Hypopnea Index and a PDF report from the measurement can be extracted to be saved in the patient records. See an example of the physician user interface and its components.